Product Description

TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps

Features of the NETZSCH TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps:

  • tolerance of dry running
  • self priming
  • conveyance of media with low or high viscosity
  • large ball passage
  • space-saving, compact but highly efficient construction

NETZSCH TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps offer you:

  • flow rate in proportion to rotational speed
  • high dosing precision
  • constant, low-pulsation conveyance
  • smooth conveyance of shear sensitive media
  • low life cycle costs and easy servicing (FSIP)
  • pump design and accessories in accordance with national and international standards, as well as customized models

For the various applications in your processes, NETZSCH TORNADO® Rotary and  NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps are available from a single source!

Take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise in positive displacement pump manufacturing.

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