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Oxygen Generators

An engineered oxygen generator package from Applied Compression will substantially reduce your oxygen costs.

Our modular PSA oxygen systems offer unmatched flexibility and have set new standards in oxygen generation.

We will design and fabricate a custom-built oxygen generation package to your specific requirements.

Our turn-key packages can be skid-mounted, containerized or housed in a cold-climate package and arrive complete with oxygen generator, feed-air compressor, dryer, and buffer tanks.

Oxygen flows up to 387 Nm3/h and purity levels ranging up to 95% are available.



Why should you choose our Oxygen Generators for your project?

  • Cost-effective: On-site oxygen generation can be more cost-effective than traditional methods of oxygen supply. Applied Compression’s oxygen generator packages produce high-purity oxygen on-site, eliminating the need for costly oxygen deliveries.
  • Reliable: Applied Compression’s oxygen generator packages are designed to provide reliable and consistent performance. Their equipment uses advanced technology and high-quality components to ensure that your biogas project has a reliable and efficient source of oxygen.
  • Customizable: Applied Compression customize their oxygen generator packages to meet your specific biogas project requirements. Their team of experts help you choose the right equipment and configuration for your project, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Environmentally friendly: On-site oxygen generation is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of oxygen supply. It reduce transportation emissions and help to minimize the carbon footprint of your biogas project.


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