Product Description

anessa AD•A is a smart, cloud-based analysis platform for assessment of anaerobic digestion opportunities. This software encapsulates all of the steps for project assessment from waste feedstock analysis, operational process model, financial and greenhouse gas emission analysis. In addition to these modules, anessa contains a comprehensive advanced intelligence sensitivity analysis module for identifying pivotal factors to ensure optimal assessment results. It performs a rapid assessment of the project considering technical, financial and environmental aspects of the project which eliminates a lot of manual tasks by engineering consultants and project developers at the pre-design phase of the projects. This solution provides the following detailed analysis:

  • waste feedstock identification and analysis
  • conversion technology assessment and selection
  • emission and environmental assessment
  • investment analysis
  • business case preparation
  • greenhouse gas emission and carbon credit
  • risk assessment


  • Assessment: anessa AD•A automates the entire assessment procedure by integrating all of the required analysis into one easy to use cloud-based software product.
  • Comprehensive results: anessa AD•A generates comprehensive results and reports using interconnected databases. The result provides the client with validated conversion technology evaluations in less time at significantly less cost.
  • Intelligent Information: The software brings advanced intelligence using large datasets for the assessment of projects. It will help to make an informative decision for the investment of the biogas plants.
  • Simulations: The software solution allows the user to simulate an anaerobic digestion project before investment in constructing the facility or after the construction for any possible plant retrofit. The simulation provides controls for all factors to consider and their impacts on the project assessment.
  • Efficiency: anessa AD•A increases the efficiency and profitability of the projects without any new physical investment.

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