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Air Compressors and Packages

Our instrument air compressor packages are designed specifically to provide clean and dry compressed air for process and instrument air applications. These instrument air compressor packages are designed and fabricated to meet today’s stringent ISA requirements for instrumentation quality compressed air, with outstanding performance and long-term economy. Packages are designed specifically to meet our clients’ specifications including Class 1 Division 2 and explosion-proof electrical area classifications.

Our cold-start and black-start air compressor packages are designed for outstanding performance and long-term economy. By storing compressed air at pressures of 250 – 1000 PSIG and then reducing the pressure at the air starter, the size of the air receiver tank is greatly reduced. This is particularly critical in packaged generator and gas compressor sets, as well as marine applications where the availability of floor space is limited. Standard packages are available in both simplex and duplex configurations. Prime movers include electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, hydraulic motors, and power take-offs.

Applied Compression Systems offers a complete range of standard breathing air compressor packages for both high and low-pressure applications. In addition, we can provide breathing air packages that are custom designed and fabricated to your specifications including special requirements for portable and offshore applications. We also offer fully self-contained low pressure breathing air systems for confined space applications in the mining, oilfield, and power generation industries. Our breathing air solutions include all drawings and operating manuals necessary to complete your project.

In addition to these specific air compressor applications, we also provide options for medium and high-pressure air, PET bottle blowing, pulse air filtration, high pressure energy storage, oil free, and engine driven packages.




Why choosing Air Compressors and Packages for your project?

  • Reduced construction costs: Our shop costs are generally much lower than those of field construction.
  • Reduced installation times: Applied Compression’s compressor modules help clients reduce implementationtime and resources by delivering a fully designed, assembled and tested solution
  • Single source responsability: From concept to completion, we provide design, fabrication and testing.
  • Guaranteed component capability: One source for all the major components, ensuring component compatibility and process functionality throughout the entire system.
  • Reduced lead time: Many of the packages that we offer have been pre-designed for quick turnarounds.



  • 2 to 500- HP (8 – 2000 CFM)
  • ISA quality instrument air
  • Reciprocating, rotary vane and rotary screw compressor options
  • Oil-free or conventional lubricated compressors with filtration
  • Fully packaged systems with single source responsibility
  • Designed to specific customer requirements
  • Full range of electrical classifications


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