Product Description

PowerSPF: The reliable and economical solution

The PowerSPF has been developed for feedstock with low to medium dry matter. It is ideally suited for large cattle farms, as well as for the agro-industrial sector.

Technology highlights
The PowerSPF consists on one concrete or steel tank with ceiling on top of the digester. The concrete or steel ceiling allows the installation of powerful agitators on any position on top of the digester, which are more effective than the submersible mixers or the mixers installed on the digester wall. This configuration can guarantee a full homogenization of the feedstock. Moreover, its gravitational overflow helps to reduce electrical consumption.

In addition, the ceiling ensures better thermal insulation, keeping the parasitic heat demand to a minimum. The plant is thus perfectly suited for use in continental climatic conditions, with very cold winters but also in regions with very warm summers as the ceiling avoids excessive heat due to solar radiation.

Moreover, the external gasholder contributes to increasing the operational safety, since the digester can continue to operate in the event that maintenance work is required.

Modular design
Due to its high flexibility, it is possible to combine as many PowerSPF as needed to treat all the available feedstock. In addition, this plant can work with a CHP, a gas upgrading unit, or a boiler as downstream processing equipment without any complicated interfaces or gas losses. In our plants we reach average full-load hours of more than 94%. The equipment of the plant can be either placed in an operational building or be delivered in practical 20-foot containers to be placed on site – a time saving option!

High reliability and easy maintenance
Only reliable plant components from reputable suppliers have been chosen for this plant. Special focus lies on the agitation technology, which is very efficient due to the use of strategically placed long-shaft mixers. The agitator engines are placed outside of the digester and are directly accessible, making maintenance of the system effortless.


  • High thermal insulation
  • Optimum positioning of agitation technology
  • Ideally suited for continental climatic conditions
  • Operational safety
  • Time saving option
  • Easy to extent with more feedstock

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