Product Description

HoMethan Technology: The new biodigester generation


  • Our design transition from large and high-tech to small-scale biogas plants was accomplished while establishing a set of minimum requirements for highefficient biogas production and a user-friendly operation and maintenance
  • HoMethan overcomes the problems of popular technologies like leakages, corrosion, difficult installation and maintenance, short lifespan, low-efficiency, etc. HoMethan ensures tightness, offers a higher yield and wider application.
  • Designed and patented in Germany
  • Autarkic – no need of electricity and water
  • Durable and approved membrane, UV and biogas components resistant
  • Easy to transport, install and uninstall (easy relocation)
  • Lifespan of 20 years under proper use

HoMethan Technology

Equipped with a:

  • Manually-operated stirring system
  • Manhole for maintenance purposes (no “black box” system)
    • Special and safe digester opening for man-entry
    • Inspection of the process possible


  • It is designed for max. 200 kg input material/day
  • Output capacity is
    • 5m3 biogas/day
    • 190 kg digestate/day

Stirring benefits

  • Uniform fermentation mix: It ensures homogenous composition and uniform distribution of bacteria population in all digester parts. It brings fresh waste and the fermentation mix inside the biodigester together, it balances nutrient concentration and composition differences
  • Uniform temperature distribution, it balances temperature gradients
  • Prevent the formation of stratification, gradients, floating and sinking layers
  • Optimum release of gas bubbles from the fermentation mass

Stirring design

  • Manually-operated, no power requirements
  • Transverse mixing, gentle and biology-friendly
  • For all type of organic substrates

Stirring system

Wider application

  • All-climates
    • Dry regions: Basically, there is no need of processing water, therefore
      interesting for dry regions
    • Cold regions: Temperature evenly distributed and no need of adding cold
      processing water, therefore interesting for regions with even average
      temperature from 8-10°C onwards. Long experience in cold regions.
  • All-organic waste producers
    • It boosts co-digestion
    • For low and high dry matter substrates, challenging substrates, etc.
    • No need of dilution basically up to 20% of dry matter content
    • All digestible organic waste can be used except from woody biomass

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