Product Description

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Exhaust gas at a temperature of 500 – 600 °C is discharged from the gas engine chimney in biogas/landfill gas power plants. The waste heat exchanger converts the waste energy in the exhaust gas into usable energy. Exhaust gas energy can be used as hot water, superheated water, superheated oil or hot air.


Usage Areas 

    • Domestic heating 
    • Greenhouse heating 
    • Digestate drying 
    • Manure Heating for biogas plants 
    • Pasteurisation of digestate

Technical Specifications 

    • Stainless stel construction AISI304/AISI 316L 
    • Maximum System Efficiency . Minimum Pressure Drop 
    • High Efficiency at Variable Loads with Proportional Control 
    • Custom Design 
    • Integrated Control and Energy Monitoring System 
    • Heat Recovery (Energy) Performance Guarantee
    • Easy Installation with Compact Design


Product Code: EGHE

Capacity: 100 kW-1.000 kW (Higher capacities available upon request)

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