Product Description

Our desulfurization net makes sure your complete biogas installation remains sulfur free as much as possible. In biogas there is a lot of sulfur, which is very harmful for the complete biogas installation (especially the engine). Our net has been made out of very strong PE material, with a maze width of 10 x 10cm. When the sulfur reacts with the oxygen inside the tank, the sulfur attaches itself to the net. After a while, the sulfur becomes a chunk and falls into the slurry, where it is not harmful anymore!

Our desulfurization net has a white tendon (12,5 mm thick PolyEtheen braid knotted netting) going through the net (see photo above and beneath), and this tendon is attached to the tank wall at 16 points. You can see one of these 16 points on the photo above and beneath (red point). This net is always being attached to the tank at at least those 16 points, no matter the size of the tank.



Technical specifications Desulfurization Net

Technical specifications Desulfurization Net

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