Product Description

In a biogas installation, gas is being produced. This gas will harm the concrete in a way that at some point, the tank will not be gas tight anymore and gas will escape. Our concrete protection will protect your concrete tank against corrosion and other damages.

The curly side of the concrete protection will attach itself to the poured concrete. The rolls will be put around a round metal or wooden scaling and fixed together with ratchets/belts. Between the inner and outer scaling, the concrete will be poured and will attach itself to the curly concrete protection. After the concrete has been poured, the concrete protection will be welded together to make sure the concrete protection is gas tight.



The concrete protection is comprised of a looped fabric and is coated with polypropylene. This product can be laid and heat-sealed quickly and easily in the corresponding areas. Concrete protection is an optimum overall solution designed for the protection of the concrete tank.



  • Rather flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Perfectly suited for protection against corrosion and other damages
  • Custom made rolls (can be cut and welded together in all sizes)
  • Quick delivery possible


Technical Specifications

  • Overall width: 2,05 m
  • Width loop area: 1,98 m
  • Height/m²: 2320 g/m²
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Length: approximately 110 – 120 m


Other features

  • Rolled edge on edge
  • With card board tubes of 2,15 cm
  • Rolls must be stored horizontal on a flat and dry surface at a temperature of 0-40⁰ C
  • During storage direct sunlight has to be avoided


Membrane Systems Europe B.V. narrowly works together with its partner Ten Cate (Geosynthetics) regarding the Concrete Protection & Reinforcement.


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