Product Description

BPC® Bioreactors: modular bioreactors in various configurations and sizes

Our modular, robust CSTR and high-rate anaerobic bioreactors are built using high-quality materials in order to meet the demands of biogas labs. Extremely user-friendly, they are the ideal experiment platforms for simulating anaerobic fermentation processes at laboratory scale.

Our bioreactors are:

  • Resistant to leakage and corrosion
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Easy to run and maintain
  • Available in five different sizes and six configurations

(From left to right: CSTR-5G, CSTR-5S and CSTR-10S bioreactors)


(From left to right: IC-20S and UASB/EGSB-20S bioreactors)


To know all the details and technical specifications about the BPC® Bioreactors, please visit the BPC Instruments website or download the BPC® Bioreactors Brochure.


Sizes and configurations to meet your needs

Choose from three CSTR bioreactor size options (2, 5 and 10 litres) and three different configurations in glass (G) or stainless steel (S) (CSTR-5G, CSTR-5S, CSTR-10S). Our CSTR are built using corrosion-resistant stainless steel specifically selected for the most demanding biogas and biofuel applications.

For high-rate anaerobic digesters, we offer three different reactor configurations (UASB / EGSB-20S, IC-20S). All reactors are built using corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel for long-time operation.


Easy assembly and maintenance

Each bioreactor has standard connection points, allowing for easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance. Instruments can be operated in standalone or connected in a series depending upon requirements.


Adapted for low and high solid content

All CSTR bioreactors are adapted for feedstocks with either low- or high-solid content and have excellent sealing under anaerobic conditions, using a robust tri-clamp system. The reactors offer a self-discharging port for digested slurry with automatic slurry level control.

Each CSTR, UASB / EGSB and IC bioreactor is fully compatible with the BPC® BioReactor Simulator and BPC® µFlow for simulating biological fermentation processes where gas flow measurement is needed.


Unique wall jacket design

The unique wall jacket configuration allows for independent heating or cooling. You precisely control the temperature of the bioreactors by circulating heated or cooled water continually through the wall jacket that covers the entire side of the reactor.


Viewing port for complete control

Each CSTR and UASB / EGSB bioreactor has two viewing ports on opposite sides allowing for visual inspection of a process. This lets you monitor a continuous process via key parameters such as gas flow, pH and temperature, and detect foam formation during the AD process.

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