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Solid, Responsive & Flexible: The Leader in Biogas and Biomethane Plants

IES AGRO & INDUSTRY is the division specialised in the design, construction, management and assistance of biogas/biomethane plants for the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, able to offer a range of complete and innovative solutions for multiple application fields. The modular and flexible IES BIOGAS technology represents the natural completion of a modern agro-zootechnical company.

Biogas is one of the most widely used alternative sources for the production of renewable energy. It is obtained from the degradation of various organic substances in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion) caused by the action of abundant bacterial agents. The fermentation residue is known as digestate, an odourless liquid material of great agronomic value, with superior characteristics compared to the initial material. Biogas has a high heat of combustion and can be converted into electricity and used for residential heating.

IES biogas, technological leader in the sector with more than 220 systems installed all over the world, is able to apply all the technologies available on the market, according to the economic, social, technical and regulatory variables of each individual customer, in every part of the world. IES BIOGAS guarantees turnkey implementation, from the preliminary feasibility study to full service during the entire life cycle of the plant.


Biogas, a New Source of Income for Your Company

Agriculture and livestock have always integrated agricultural by-products into the production cycle, mainly in the form of fertiliser. Today, with one of our 100% efficient plants, your company can produce, using agricultural by-products, livestock waste or agroindustrial production waste, biogas: a source that cuts down your company’s energy supply costs and generates a new source of income for you. The adoption of a biogas/biomethane plant is also a stimulus to innovation, making your business modern
and efficient.

IES Biogas - Agricultural and agro industrial biogas plants


  • 100% manure/slurry from beef cattle, dairy cows and pigs
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Poultry and layer hen manure
  • Pulp and paper mill sludge
  • Slaughterhouse and meat industries waste
  • Food & Beverage industry waste
  • Rice, corn and wheat straws

IES Biogas - Use of Biogas - Agricultural and agro industrial


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