Product Description

BIOFermTM Dry Fermentation is a batch-style, high-solids anaerobic digester. This system has no internal moving parts which allows for ease of processing:

  • Contaminated food waste
  • Yard waste
  • Solid agricultural waste

After input material is piled into airtight garage-like fermenters, feedstock remains stationary while percolate is sprayed over the pile to jump-start digestion. The BIOFermTM Dry Fermentation process operates at a solids content of >25% and typically takes around 30 days per batch cycle.



  • Ideal for contaminated waste streams
  • Material remains stationary throughout the process, eliminating moving parts
  • Batch process and stationary system allow precise control over substrate removal for maximum energy yield
  • Closed loop liquid cycle—liquid from digestion is re-circulated
  • Virtually no pre-treatment or sorting of feedstock required prior to system loading, saving time and money for
    system operators
  • Low system maintenance and repair costs
  • Low parasitic energy consumption of 5-10%


Multiple applications allowing a sustainable municipal organic waste management

Using BIOFerm Dry Fermentation to produce renewable energy and utilize anaerobic digestion helps municipalities reach their carbon reduction and sustainable waste management goals.

Our BIOFerm Dry Fermentation system:

  • Produces RNG, clean heat/electricity and nutrient by-products, thanks to organics diversion from landfill
  • Processes contaminated organic municipal solid waste while benefiting from reduced pre-processing needs, lower operating costs and residential organics collection
  • Contains odors, thanks to our biofilter system and enclosed mixing/feeding lobby design
  • Enables shorter composting times for organics, more overall composting processing capacity and easy integration of system into existing composting facilities: organics remaining at the end of a BIOFerm Dry Fermentation cycle (typically around 30 days) is in an advanced stage of decomposition and is reduced in volume by up to 40%

BIOFerm Dry Fermentation design

BIOFerm Dry Fermentation Digester scale






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