UBE to Expand Manufacturing Facilities for Gas Separation Membranes

By | 2023-02-01

UBE Corporation (President: Masato Izumihara; hereinafter, “UBE”) has decided to expand the polyimide hollow fiber production facilities for gas separation membranes at its Ube Chemical Factory and the gas separation membrane module production facilities at its Sakai Factory in order to meet rapidly growing demand, particularly for CO2 separation membranes. Both expanded facilities are scheduled to go on-line in the first half of fiscal 2025, increasing production capacity by about 1.8 times.

UBE’s gas separation membrane business provides solutions for a wide range of applications, including hydrogen separation membranes, dehumidifying membranes, nitrogen separation membranes, CO2 separation membranes, and organic solvent dehydration membranes. UBE’s separation membranes are made of polyimide and have an advantage due to their high durability. UBE manufactures hollow fibers at the Ube Chemical Factory and modules at the Ube Chemical Factory and Sakai Factory.

In recent years, demand for CO2 separation membranes, which remove carbon dioxide and other gases from biogas to extract biomethane as a fuel, has been growing rapidly, especially in Europe and North America, buoyed by the growing use of renewable energy. As the global market is expected to continue to expand in the future, UBE will enhance its production system by expanding its factories and increasing the capacity of its existing facilities.

Under the medium-term management plan, “UBE Vision 2030 Transformation—1st Stage,” announced in May 2022, UBE aims to become a corporate group centered on specialty chemicals that contributes to the global environment, human health, and an enriched future society. In order to achieve this vision, the company will efficiently invest its management resources with a dual focus on contributing to global environmental issues and growing its specialty chemicals business. In the gas separation membrane business, UBE will contribute to the development of a sustainable world by expanding its business in the environmental and energy fields, especially through the supply of CO2 separation membranes for biomethane.

CO2 separation membranes
Hollow fiber production facility (Phase III) at Ube Chemical Factory