Sysgaz and Greenmac Join Forces for Developing Biogas-to-Biofuel Projects

By | 2020-02-10

Montréal, Canada, February 10, 2020 – The president of Sysgaz Inc., Mr. Charles Tremblay, is pleased to announce that Sysgaz has completed the integration of Greenmac’s upgrading technology into its new Gas Processing Plant.

Sysgaz - Typical 20 TPD Gas processing Plant using Greenmac upgrading technology
Typical 20 TPD Gas processing Plant

Sysgaz developed this new product in recent years by integrating its patented technologies with other technology of manufacturers such as Greenmac, a Netherland company specializing in biogas upgrading systems. Sysgaz integrated Greenmac’s LP Cooab® Absorption System for its proven capability to upgrade both landfill and digester biogas.

Today, Sysgaz is developing Biogas-to-Biofuel projects using its new Gas Processing Plant that also makes possible biofuels distribution using liquid form mobile pipelines. This new standardized product faster project deployment and it allows Sysgaz to bridge the gap between Biogas Facilities and Biofuels Off-Takers requiring RNG, Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG.

For landfills or digesters producing biogas, a Biogas-to-Biofuel project generates long-term environmental, social and economic benefits regardless facility location relative to a pipeline. It also facilitates the development of other sustainable projects such as the fueling of refuse trucks with Bio-CNG.

For biofuels Off-Takers, Sysgaz can either increase the quantity of RNG in natural gas systems or supply Bio-LNG / Bio-CNG as ultra-low carbon transportation fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to diesel. Biofuels delivery can be performed close to a biogas facility or at remote locations using a liquid form mobile pipeline.

Logo Sysgaz

Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Sysgaz is a Biogas-to-Biofuel project developer that supplies renewable fuel markets with RNG, Bio-LNG or Bio-CNG. Sysgaz develops projects using a Technology Platform integrating a Control Center, several Biogas Production Systems and a Gas Processing Plant. This Technology Platform can produce and upgrade biogas from landfills or digesters into biofuels from a facility producing between 350 and 1400 Nm3 of methane gas per hour. For biogas facilities with larger production capacity, multiple Gas Processing Plants can be implemented to develop a Biogas-to-Biofuel Project.

For more information:

Charles Tremblay, President

+1 514 798-0480

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Greenmac is a member of The RootselaarGroup, a Netherland company founded in 1957 that manufactures high-pressure and cryogenic vessels.  Greenmac is specialized in design, manufacturing, turnkey delivery and servicing of biogas purification systems for 30 years.  In 2001, the company developed the innovative LP Cooab® Absorption System.  This process is based on low-pressure reversible chemical absorption of CO2 using an amine composition specifically formulated for biogas applications.  More than 40 systems have now been commissioned in Europe, ranging from 20 Nm3 / hr for the smallest until 3 500 Nm3 / hr for the largest plant.

For more information:

Geurt Aalderink, Managing Director

+31 33 2471050

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