Pratt & Whitney Canada is looking for biomethane

By | 2017-02-15


Pratt & Whitney Canada, a leader in aerospace, is committed to becoming a global precursor in sustainable development. Established in 28 countries around the world, our company seeks to reduce its environmental footprint and integrate sustainable development into each of its activities. By setting ambitious goals, P&WC wants to become the best engine manufacturer aerospace company for the world. Over the past 8 years we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 14%. We are aiming for an additional 15% reduction over the next 5 years to become carbon neutral by 2028.

To encourage the development of renewable energies, we are looking for local biomethane producers for our Québec sites (600 GJ/d), Halifax NS (50 GJ/d), Lethbridge AB (16 GJ/d) Canada and Bridgeport, WV (110 GJ/d), Wichita Falls, TX (2 GJ/d) in the United States. P&WC is open to discussion for medium- and long-term partnerships.



Denis Poignonec

Corporate Climate Change and Community Outreach

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