HoSt Group to build 15MW RDF-fired Heat & Power Plant

By | 2023-01-12

HoSt Group will build a 15MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant for the combustion of refuse derived fuel (RDF) at a factory in the packaging and paper industry in Europe. Approximately 50% of the factory’s natural gas consumption will be replaced with renewable heat. For the client, this is a major and important step towards energy independence and return to pre-pandemic energy prices.

Wouter Kok, Sales Manager Thermal Technology at HoSt Group says: “RDF is a great way for a company and the paper and packaging industry in general to increase independency on natural gas. And moreover, to reduce the CO2 footprint, lower the energy bill, and save on the disposal costs of waste. We are very pleased to contribute with our technology to the client’s sustainable development and to enable the factory to diversify away from natural gas”.

The paper and packaging industry has a large potential to increase renewable energy production by recovering its own combustible waste instead of bringing the waste to a landfill or to another waste to energy facility.

We have developed a highly promising RDF-fired heat and power project pipeline for the coming years. Ranging from 10 to 20 MW boiler capacity and 1 to 6 MWe. We are determined and excited to expand our position as a competitive and experienced supplier in this segment”, says Wouter Kok.

Project Technology

The steam generated in the steam boiler will drive a back pressure steam turbine producing 1.7MW of electricity and the exhaust steam will be supplied to the factory. The client, with multiple factories, generates its own RDF fuel which is a combination of recycled paper rejects (a mixture of mainly paper and plastics) and paper sludge. Additionally, RDF waste will be collected to supplement the own RDF fuel stream to fire the 15MW cogeneration plant. The fuel will be first pre‐treated through shredding and removal of iron and aluminium.

Equipped with best available flue gas cleaning technology, including DeNOx, and a bag house filter with additive injection system, the industrial plant meets the most stringent European emission laws for waste-to-energy plants.

RDF & Waste-Fired Technology

HoSt’s RDF fired boiler CHP’s range from 10 to 20MWt boiler capacity and from 1-6MWe. Fuels including RDF, SRF, paper rejects, waste wood, paper sludge or a combination of these are highly optimal to convert to renewable energy. Due to high electricity prices and high gas prices the installations has a very good return on investment and costs saving on the energy bill.