Converting Landfill Gas Into Renewable Natural Gas : Waga Energy’s Mission to Make RNG Available for All

By | 2024-04-04

Waga Energy has become, in just a few years, a leader in the landfill gas to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production. Their innovative WAGABOX® technology combines two cutting-edge systems for upgrading biogas derived from waste: cryogenic distillation and membrane filtration. Together, they ensure that the RNG produced meets the standards for injection into natural gas pipelines.

This innovative technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lessens reliance on fossil fuels while repurposing waste streams into renewable energy sources, contributing to the circular economy.

With a strategic focus on expansion, particularly in North America, Waga Energy has made significant strides in recent years. In 2023, the company commissioned two WAGABOX® units in Canada. Together, they will produce up to 528 000 GJ of RNG every year for the next 15 years. Only a few weeks ago, Waga Energy also commissioned its first WAGABOX® unit in the United-States. Located in the New York State, the Bath WAGABOX® unit produces up to 216,000 GJ (60 GWh) of RNG annually. Used as a substitute for fossil-bad gas, the implementation of the plant helps reducing carbon emissions by avoiding the release of 13,500 tons of eqCO2 per year.

Waga Energy’s expansion into North America is a collaborative effort that involves the dedication and expertise of teams across borders. With 22 new employees joining the Canadian office in 2023, Waga Energy Canada has played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of the entire company. Through providing equipment and offering support during construction work in the US, Waga Energy is fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In a world seeking sustainable energy solutions, Waga Energy stands out as a frontrunner in the production RNG from landfill gas. Their innovative technology turns waste into a valuable resource, reducing methane and carbon dioxide emissions as well as fostering a circular economy. Their recent expansions in North America and commissioning of multiple WAGABOX® units, shows their commitment to global sustainability. Waga Energy’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of innovation and teamwork in building a cleaner, greener future for all.

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