Companies are Converting Waste into Energy throughout Africa

By | 2021-04-20

anessa will be helping to provide energy from organic waste in countries located throughout Africa over the next 5 years with its software being bundled with IRCB biogas’s leading-edge Rapid Cellulose Bioreactor (RaCBio) technology at biogas plants.  

“It is extremely gratifying to be part of such a strong team that is squeezing every possible amount of energy out of organic waste streams in markets that are in high need,” offered anessa CEO Amir Akbari. RaCBio technology makes it possible to create standalone systems that are typically much smaller than those utilized in other  markets. “It becomes possible to predict the future state of those systems with our  platform making it possible to optimize each facility.” Biogas plant operators are then  able to make data-driven feedstock decisions rather than trial and error. “Some municipalities and homes will benefit by getting access to energy that they would not otherwise be receiving with the excess biogas we will be helping to create,”  continued Mr. Akbari. 

IRCB Biogas is an Austrian/South African-based company with offices located in Botswana, South Africa and Morocco, and is the proprietary owner of the RaCBio biogas technology. IRCB biogas has been developing biogas projects throughout Africa for 3 years. “anessa’s AD•O platform will nicely complement our technology to give us a further advantage over competitors” offered Horst Unterlechner, Chief Technology  Officer with IRCB Biogas. “The biogas sector is not immune from the impact the Coronavirus has had on plant operations. In the biogas world, time is money. Having tools to make accurate decisions remotely and quickly is a fantastic add-on to our business model that has long plagued the industry” continued Mr. Unterlechner. 

anessa is a software development firm based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and is the proprietary owner of the AD•A and AD•O biogas software that are being used to de-risk projects by optimizing existing biogas plants and determine the viability of potential projects. anessa is serving clients in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Africa. Our Purpose is to give biogas stakeholders powerful tools to drive success and sustainability in the anaerobic digestion industry. 

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