BIOGEST France Inaugurates Biomethane Plant in Congrier, FR (53)

By | 2023-09-22

135 Nm³/h BIOGEST-PowerRing biomethane plant

Over 32,000 tons of cattle, horse manure, and slurry are processed per year

Providing green gas for France’s gas grid

CHANGE, FRANCE / CONGRIER, FRANCE: BIOGEST France inaugurates a biomethane plant in Congrier that processes over 32,000 tons of waste annually. With an output of 135 Nm³/h, the PowerRing plant provides biomethane for the local distribution gas network. The inauguration event occurred and was celebrated with all project participants last Friday.

Benoit Dutertre, CS Biogaz, declares:We are thrilled with the successful inauguration of the biomethane plant in Congrier, and we are grateful to have BIOGEST France by our side every step of the way, as we quickly reached cruising speed for the plant.

The feedstock consisting of over 32,000 tons of cattle and horse manure and slurry per year is supplied by 9 farms with an average distance of 5 km to the plant. The short supply routes help to keep the impact on the environment low and make the biomethane plant particularly easy to operate. In addition, the farmers are producing organic fertilizer simultaneously, which is returned to the farm’s fields.

Daniel Bauer, Managing Director BIOGEST France, continues:We take immense pride in the successful inauguration of our latest biomethane installation in Congrier, marking another significant milestone for BIOGEST France. Witnessing the tangible results of our collaborative efforts, from project development to construction, fills me with great satisfaction and reinforces our dedication to driving positive change in our green gas sector. This achievement shows the expertise and diligence of our team, as well as the strong partnerships we forge with visionary clients.

Biomethane is the only renewable energy source that can be carbon-negative, as it significantly reduces methane emissions from agricultural operations. BIOGEST’s plants produce not only pipeline-quality green gas but also an organic fertilizer that helps reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Picture: BIOGEST France Project Managers at the Congrier inauguration festivities (Source: BIOGEST)
Picture: BIOGEST 135 Nm³/h (41,857 MMBTU/year) PowerRing biomethane plant in Congrier, FR (Photo by M. LEBIHAN BSVL)


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