BIOGEST America Signs LOI for Joint Development and Financing of its First RNG Project in Quebec

By | 2024-04-02

105,000 MMBTU (350Nm³/h) BIOGEST-PowerRing RNG plant

Innovative concept for increased gas production

Providing green gas for Canada’s gas grid

DENVER, COLORADO / QUEBEC, CANADA: BIOGEST America Inc. signed a letter of intent (LOI) for the joint development and financing of the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project in Saint-Nazaire d’Acton area. This milestone marks Canada’s first BIOGEST RNG project and a pivotal moment in the commitment to advancing green gas initiatives in Quebec.

Located in Quebec, the Saint-Nazaire d’Acton area project will produce 105,000 MMBTU (350 Nm³/h) of RNG and demonstrate the benefits of the PowerRing technology, underscoring its suitability and effectiveness for the Canadian market. During fermentation, the waste is transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer that substitutes for chemical products. The new project will introduce a novel concept by integrating biochar production. This dual-purpose approach improves RNG production and contributes to sustainable organic waste management.

“This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission of greening the gas through innovative energy solutions,” remarked BIOGEST’s Head of Sales, Daniel Bauer. “The Saint-Nazaire d’Acton area RNG project exemplifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to address pressing environmental challenges while simultaneously driving economic growth and fostering community resilience.”

Jean Collard, Les Équipements Agricoles Sarrazin Ltee, Président, continues:The LOI represents a shared commitment among our stakeholders to advance this transformative project from conception to realization. With financing secured for feasibility studies and construction, we are well-positioned to commence the next development phase and bring this visionary project to fruition.”

RNG is the only renewable energy source that can be carbon-negative, as it significantly reduces methane emissions from agricultural operations. BIOGEST’s plants produce not only pipeline-quality green gas but also an organic fertilizer that helps reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Picture (from left to right): Daniel Bauer (Head of Sales BIOGEST), Charles Quintal (CEO of Quintal & Co Financial Services Inc.),
Jean Collard (Président Les Équipements Agricoles Sarrazin Ltd), Jean-François Hince (Head of Department, Eco-engineering FNX-INNOV), Brenden Williams (Area Sales Manager BIOGEST)

BIOGEST America Inc. is a biogas plant manufacturer and operator out of Denver, CO. The tried and tested BIOGEST technology is created to customize RNG projects from strategic planning to co-investment, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of plants. BIOGEST engages in converting organic waste into clean and renewable energy to combat the rise in waste produced and satisfy the growing energy demand. As a renewable source of energy, RNG offers technological, environmental, and economic advantages: energy is generated 24/7, all year round, and therefore plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions and greening the transport sector.

Les Équipements Agricoles Sarrazin Ltée offers products and services to facilitate the adaptation of agricultural and forestry operations to climate change. They propose a new model of agriculture based on the values of regenerative agriculture to optimize the recovery of nutrients, carbon, and energy. They surrounded themselves with international caliber experts to promote biomethanization and biochar to the Quebec agricultural sector to position it in the renewable energy and carbon sequestration markets.