BiogasWorld Weekly Vol 45

By | 2018-03-08

Biogas Italy 2018: the agricultural revolution that can stop climate change

March 2, 2018 – Rome once again hosted a new edition of Biogas Italy, two days entirely dedicated to the fight against climate change, which has seen the participation of top national and international experts in the biogas sector as well as entrepreneurs, researchers, politicians, and environmental and trade associations. The summit revealed the key role of biomethane in removing coal from the Italian economy, which the CIB estimates to have a production potential of 10 billion m3 in 2030.

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Italian support scheme for advanced biofuels approved

March 5, 2018 – On March 1, the European Commission approved an Italian support scheme for the production and distribution of advanced biofuels, including advanced methane, for use in the transportation sector. The scheme has an indicative budget of €4.7 billion ($5.92 billion) and will run from 2018 through 2022. A notice released by the European Commission notes that advanced biofuels and methane are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly biofuels, and have a much higher production cost than the fossil fuels they replace.

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L’Oréal USA to purchase RNG from Kentucky facility

March 5, 2018 – On March 1, L’Oréal USA announced its plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2019 for all 21 of its U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities with a financially sustainable approach that could potentially serve as a model to support new renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the future. In order to reach this milestone, L’Oréal USA is adding to its diversified energy portfolio with RNG purchased from a new processing facility in Kentucky.

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Hamburg: 600 m3 of biogas generated by the co-digestion of sewage sludge

March 5, 2018 – Hamburg Wasser, a water supply company, purifies Hamburg’s wastewater and turns it into biogas! When combined with 20% external co-substrates, sewage sludge produces approximately 95,000 m3 of gas per day, which feeds into the public network. To increase the production of gas, the company takes advantage of the co-digestion of several elements, managing to produce 100 to 600 m3 of gas with only 1 m3 of input.

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Letter urges reauthorization of energy title in next Farm Bill

March 7, 2018 – On March 6, a group of more than 200 companies and trade associations sent a letter to House and Senate Agricultural Committee leaders urging them to reauthorize and fund energy title programs in the next Farm Bill. Within the letter, the groups ask the committees to reauthorize the energy title programs and maintain stable mandatory levels. “It is essential that a healthy, robust bipartisan energy title continue as part of new comprehensive agriculture legislation,” they wrote. “We also strongly recommend common sense improvements to make these programs even more valuable in impacting a broader array of technologies.”

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Scania engines being tested with raw untreated biogas

March 7, 2018 – Producing biogas from waste materials for use as vehicle fuel and heating is not new. And Scania has been working with biogas as an alternative and sustainable source of energy for some years now. However, a couple of innovative trials that the company is involved in could develop the technology even further for power generation. In collaboration with Linköping-based energy recovery specialists Tekniska verken, Scania Engines is currently testing one of its engines using raw gas, biogas that is “untreated.”

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Nature Energy Files Application for Biogas Plant in Kolding, Denmark

March 7, 2018 – Denmark’s Nature Energy has filed an application with the municipality of Kolding to set up a biogas plant. If the application is approved, the plant will be an investment of 200 million DKK ($33.2 million). Kolding municipality is in Region Syddanmark on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in southeast Denmark. The municipality has a total population of just over 87,000.

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Growing opportunity for startups in the Global Biogas Sales industry

March 7, 2018 – Questale released a detailed assessment of trends in Global Biogas Sales market. The research report includes diverse topics like total market size, key market drivers, challenges, growth opportunities, key players etc. We have also covered key market updates, the impact of regulations and technological updates in. New startups entering the space of Global Biogas Sales need to carefully pick their niches and genres so that they can compete on an equal footing with global companies who have an end to end development studios, production capabilities and global skills and experience backing them.

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Waterloo researchers developing methanation system for manure

March 8, 2018 – Researchers at the University of Waterloo are developing technology to produce renewable natural gas from manure so it can be added to the existing energy supply system for heating homes and powering industries. That would eliminate particularly harmful gases released by naturally decomposing manure when it is spread on farm fields as fertilizer and partially replace fossil natural gas, a significant contributor to global warming.

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Netzsch’s Mixing Pump May Provide Biogas Plant Operators with Higher Gas Yield

March 8, 2018 – Netzsch Pumps & Systems, part of Germany’s Netzsch Group, claims to offer biogas plant operators higher gas yield and efficient use of substrates using the company’s NEMO® B.MaxR mixing pump. As the core element of a biogas plant, substrate feeding is decisive in terms of achieving a biologically stable methane production process.

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