Biogas Italy 2023: the CIB event returns to Rome on 8 and 9 March with the most important names in the biogas and agricultural biomethane sector

By | 2023-02-22

Lodi (LO), 20/02/2023 – The new edition of Biogas Italy entitled “FarmingPossible All the energy of biogas” returns to Rome. The event, organised by the CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas and at its seventh edition, has over the years become a reference point for the agricultural biogas and biomethane sector. The appointment is for Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 March, at the Salone delle Fontane, one of the most evocative locations located in the heart of Rome’s Eur district.

Farmers and entrepreneurs, Italian and European politicians and agricultural associations, industry insiders and leading names from industry and academia will participate in the two-day event, which will be moderated by Filippo Solibello, radio speaker for RAI Radio 2.

“This new edition of Biogas Italy opens at a particular time for our country, marked on the one side by the persistence of the economic and energy crisis and on the other by the need to embrace the opportunities of the NRRP. Agriculture confirms itself as a key sector, because thanks to the production of biogas and biomethane it can contribute to strengthening energy and food security, increasing its productivity in a sustainable way,” says Piero Gattoni, President of the CIB. “Biogas Italy will, therefore, be an opportunity for discussion and dialogue to emerge concrete proposals for legislation that will allow companies to invest in a project that is fundamental for the country.” – concludes Gattoni.

On the first day, specific sessions will be devoted to the development and role of renewable gases in decarbonisation scenarios, the concrete steps to be taken to achieve the NRRP targets, and the role of gas infrastructures in the energy transition process. Spotlight on the new biomethane decree and the opening of the call for tenders for the first public competitive procedure to obtain incentives for biomethane production. The Minister for the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, has been invited.

The leitmotif of the second day will be the future prospects of agricultural biogas between electricity production and the development of energy communities in the territories, the NRRP and CAP interventions that will drive new investments towards agriculture 4.0, and the CIB project “Farming for Future”, the CIB’s road map illustrating the 10 actions for the agro-ecological transition. CIB member companies will speak, bringing their experience and best practices from the sector, as well as representatives from the academic world. Agricultural associations and the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, have been invited to close the conference.

Biogas Italy 2023 received the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry.

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CIB brings together 834 farmers that run biogas plants, 83 industrial companies that supply equipment and technology, 159 companies operating in the fields of agriculture, consultancy, mechanization and transports, 8 research centers and agricultural associations that supply data and promote anaerobic digestion in agriculture. CIB is also a founding member of EBA -the European Biogas Association. For more information, go to www.consorziobiogas.it