Biogas is awaiting standards in Quebec

By | 2016-08-10

This fall, the Quebec government will announce the minimum proportion of biofuels that will be required in the years to come regarding the currently commercially available fuels. It follows that biogas is awaiting standards in Quebec in the wake of the 2030 energy policy that was unveiled on April 7, 2016, in order to propel its industry inside and outside the province.

Specific standards for biogas in Quebec

At the time of preparing the 2030 Quebec energy policy back in September 2015, the AQPER had made a recommendation in its memoir submitted to the government which stated to establish a minimum proportion of biomethane/renewable natural gas equivalent to 1% of the natural gas commercialized in Quebec.

Without having specifically disclosed the percentage of biomethane into the natural gas network that will be implemented, the Quebec government has however mentioned, at the unveiling of its energy policy, that it would support local projects to shed light on the anaerobic digestion of agroindustry residual waste.

Thus, the Quebec biogas industry is expecting soon statements from the Quebec government regarding the type of support that will be provided and the percentage of biomethane into Quebec’s gas grid that will eventually be required.

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