Belgrade for the fifth time hosts a unique international event: RENEXPO Water & Energy

By | 2018-03-06

Belgrade for the fifth time hosts a unique international event, RENEXPO® Water & Energy, which gathers experts from the sector of renewable energy, energy efficiency and water management in the region of Southeast Europe.

About RENEXPO® Water & Energy

From the 24th to the 26th of April this year, in BelExpocentre, Belgrade will be held 5th RENEXPO® Water & Energy, International fair trade, which will bring together producers and distributors of product representatives of scientific institutions, design firms, water companies, local self-governments, public utility companies , ministries as well as financial institutions that invest resources in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and water management.

Belgrade for the fifth time hosts a unique international event: RENEXPO® Water & Energy

RENEXPO® is an internationally recognized specialized event that involves high quality content and services. This is the result of REECO®’s 20 years of experience in organizing international fairs and conferences, primarily in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. The company’s portfolio counts seven annual fairs, which are being realized in Austria, Germany, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

120 exhibitors, 2000 visitors & about 700 participants of conferences

RENEXPO® Water & Energy Fair expects over 120 exhibitors, of which 80% are international. 2000 visitors and about 700 participants of conferences will have the opportunity to get acquainted with foreign and domestic projects, technologies and innovations in terms of sustainable energy that is necessary for the future. In cooperation with numerous embassies, several national booths will be held in which companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries will be presented.

Companies such as: KIEL Engineering GmbH, Biogest Energie- und Wassertechnik GmbH, Budapest Waterworks, Lipp GmbH, Urbas Maschinenfabrik Ges.m.b.H, Innovation & Technology, HYDROHROM s.r.o. CINK Hydro-Energy k.s., ORKO SK s.r.o., Valvotubi IND. s.r.l. , Rädlinger primus line GmbH, Spaans Babcock bv, TCC Danubius , TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co KG, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Gerodur MPM Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG, bgu-Umweltschutzanlagen GmbH, GGE , i+M GmbH & Co.KG , INNOSKART IKT, Conveco s.r.l., NAHTEC GmbH, TEMAT SI, Senvion, Hydroplan GB, EHTING, Continental Industrie S.A.S. WASSERKRAFT VOLK AG, Global Hydro , DUME TRADE, SIKA doo, GGE have already booked their booths!

 Environmental issues covered

Bearing in mind the importance of Chapter 27 in the EU accession process, the RENEXPO® platform covers environmental issues as well as the improvement and capacity building in the water and energy sector. The fact that the region of the Western Balkans seeks to align with European and world standards in the area of sustainable business and environmental protection is evidence of the growing interest in conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as the accompanying program of the fair, such as the ceremonial opening ceremony (last year, the fair was opened by Minister Aleksandar Antić ), evening reception, professional tour of the fair and an open forum.

Energy Efficiency is the theme of a free seminar, which aims to promote the energy management system in Serbia and present the practices of the countries of the region and the EU. The event is intended for licensed managers and anyone interested in improving energy efficiency in building, manufacturing processes and available technical solutions in this area. Enhancing EE is a key task and the goal is to achieve an improvement of 20% in energy efficiency by 2020 at the EU level. German Organization for International Cooperation- GIZ will present projects of EE and renewable energy through participation in the fair and conference. Also, companies like SIKA doo will present their innovative technologies in terms of building materials.

Improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources is one of the most important potentials for further development and improvement of the domestic economy. Through these investments, significant improvements in business results are possible, as well as more competitive operations, which is very important today. The interest of domestic businessmen in investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy is high and our bank has so far approved more than 150 million euros of loans that enabled domestic businessmen to modernize their production, but also to make their business more efficient and cost-effective. We recognized the same energy and interest with the organizer of the RENEXPO® fair, and therefore we decided to support them this year “- explained Ivan Smiljković, member of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank, the global sponsor of this year’s conference.

Quality of water in Serbia

On the previous RENEXPO ® 2017, it was concluded that the quality of water in Serbia is generally good, but that it has recently been threatened in several places. Continuous deterioration of the state of the environment and the increase in the number of consumers requires water utilities, as well as the state and local self-governments, to make additional efforts to ensure sufficient quantities of drinking water of the required quality. Achieving these goals is possible through greater commitment to regulating environmental and resource protection, as well as sewage and wastewater treatment. Good practice and interest for our market will be shown by the partner and exhibitor of this year’s RENEXPO® fair and the conference “Water and Wastewater Management” – GWP, German Water Partnership and TCC Danubius- Waste Water Sector in the Danube Region. More than 20 companies from Germany will be presented at the fair, but also at the expert conference.

Biomass potential in Serbia

Minister Aleksandar Antić stated last year at the opening of RENEXPO® fair that biomass is a powerful potential that we have available, especially in Serbia, which is underutilized. At the conference, the key topics will be what we expect after the FEED IN tariffs, as well as the presentation of credit lines and IPARD programs, or financing methods that may be of interest to small and medium enterprises, as well as agricultural farms that want to improve their production lines and become more energy efficient. Partners such as WBA, AEBIOM, Croatian Wood Cluster, SERBIO, Belgrade Power Plants, GIZ and many others participate in RENEXPO® bioenergy conferences. The support of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as agriculture, forestry and water management, enables the RENEXPO® platform to present innovations and projects related to solar, wind and hydro energy, as well as the problem of solid waste and recycling.

Sustainable transport issues

Also, the organizer preliminarily announces the panel and the revised part of the program in the field of sustainable transport. Bearing in mind the demanding goals that European countries have to fulfil in terms of the use of renewable energy in transport, RENEXPO® is particularly focused on the use of biofuels, electric motors and other sustainable transport issues this year. In addition to significant lecturers from the world of science, a record number of electric car exhibitors and strong media support are expected, both as an accompanying program in this field, as well as the entire fair. REECO® will delight it’s visitors on the third day of the fair, when the electric motor race will be held.

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