Anka Yenilenebilir Has Commissioned a Regenerative Siloxane Removal System at a WWTP in Greece

By | 2023-04-24

ANKA Enerji has commissioned a 600 Nm3/h capacity Regenerative Siloxane Removal System at the wastewater treatment plant located on Psittalia Island within the Athens city limits, owned by Ellaktor Group, Greece’s largest environmental and energy company.

Regenerative siloxane removal systems provide various benefits to facilities using regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs), such as extending equipment life, improving efficiency, and saving costs associated with maintenance and energy consumption. By removing siloxanes, RTO components are protected from damage and can operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and resulting in economic savings. The installation of a regenerative siloxane removal system helps facilities control their emissions and reduce their environmental impact.