American Biogas Council gets a new website and logo!

By | 2019-04-09

We are proud to announce that we have rolled out our new website and ABC logo. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to our new site (still to check it out!

Take these three action items today to take advantage of our new website:

  1. Login to your personalized member area by entering your member number. Unsure of your member number? Click on “forgot your member number?” to receive an email containing your member number.
  2. We are here to market your business. Head over to our member directory, and make sure that all of your information is correct. If you would like to make any changes, contact staff at and notify us of the changes you would like made.
  3. We have created a new project database that combines the information from our old operational systems map and biogas project profiles. If you are an operator or owner, search for your project and send us any updated information – including pictures! Don’t see your project? Submit it here. Projects submitted in 2019 will automatically be entered into the running for a Biogas Industry Award.
  4. Please download and use our new logo: put it on your website, PowerPoint decks, and even your email signature announcing your status as an ABC member.

Many of the functions of the old website are still in place, but check out a few of our favorite upgraded features:

Explore Biogas Systems: Our brand new operational biogas systems map allows you to identify projects by location and feedstock. Click on a project to learn more detail.

Track Organics Recycling Policies: Use our interactive map to learn about the organics recycling policies in each state, if any. Congratulations to NY for being our newest addition!

Learn with New Infographics: We’ve been updating our educational resources. For example, our interactive RNG infographic can be used to better understand the biomethane process.

Get Operator Certified: Unsure of what training best fits your needs? Head over to our training page for all of the details.

Contact the staff of American Biogas Council if you have questions or comment HERE.