The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is the global organization dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector. Our members include bioenergy organizations, institutions, companies and individuals.

Our mission: To promote the sustainable development of bioenergy globally and to support the business environment for bioenergy.


Our mission

WBA has been conducting successful country missions to share knowledge and experience on bioenergy.

We have had missions to Zambia, Brazil and Kenya, for example, in the past few years. During the trips, WBA contributed with expertise by attending conferences, conducting field trips and giving presentations on the role of biomass in climate change.

These trips have been on the invitation of local country representatives.


Our activities


  • Global Bioenergy Statistics
  • Factsheets
  • Mission Reports
  • Policy papers


  • Study Trips
  • General Assembly
  • Webinars


  • Observer – IRENA, UNFCCC
  • Liason – ISO Standards
  • Member – Go 100% RE, REN Alliance


Our global bioenergy statistics

The Global Bioenergy Statistics (GBS) report is the main annual publication of WBA.

The report focusses on the global development of biomass to energy – supply, production and consumption.

The data is presented on different geographical levels – global, continental and regional levels. These reports are published since 2014 and have been downloaded by governments, financial institutions, universities and companies.


Our factsheets

WBA factsheets present an unbiased overview of bioenergy technologies and are a guiding tool for policy makers, researchers and companies.

The objective of drafting and publishing factsheets is to bring rational arguments in the public discussion and to support the development of bioenergy.

All factsheets are drafted along the same outline: summary, introduction, definitions, basic figures explaining technology, policy and economics, global statistics and a brief opinion of WBA on that subject.

WBA has already published 14 factsheets.


Our webinars

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WBA started organising multiple webinars on a wide range of fields. For multiple times, representatives of exemplar organizations and associations gathered to discuss pressing subjects and to share experiences about their own line of activity. The recordings are of these events are made available to the public in our website.


The Bioenergy Magazine

The bioenergy business needs a voice on the international arena. During the launch of the World Bioenergy Association in Jönköping, Sweden at the World Bioenergy Conference, a magazine was released with the objective of spreading the message on the need for a global association of bioenergy.

Eight magazines have been released since 2008 keeping track on the development of WBA as an organisation along with developments in the bioenergy field.

Recently, WBA was pleased to announce a new partnership with Bioenergy International, who became the official magazine of World Bioenergy Association.


General assembly

The WBA General Assembly is the annual gathering of our members and the wider bioenergy community. It is an opportunity for the stakeholders including private sector, associations, researchers, and civil society to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for the growth of the bioenergy sector.


Bioenergy for the future

In the face of climate change, providing reliable supplies of renewable energy has become one of the biggest developmental challenges of our time, and bioenergy has a significant role to play in carbon removal and emissions reduction, as well as in the development of bioenergy-based fuel alternatives for fossil fuels.

Thus, WBA has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to make Bioenergy for the Future, a programme, fully available to the public, that looks at the innovations and developments in the Bioenergy sector.


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