About Pompaction

For over 30 years, Pumpaction has been a major player in pumping and concreting, within Quebec and beyond. We have a full range of products and services and meet the highest standards of excellence: those of customers like you. Our facilities in Quebec and North America can respond to your needs, no matter where you are.

Dewatering mines, quarries and construction sites, supplying potable water, pumping and placement of concrete, paste backfill in mines, municipal and industrial wastewater and sludge disposal, and more – we are proud to work with customers in any area of activity to deliver value-added solutions that reflect their needs.


Our Priorities

Our mission

To deliver top-quality pumping and concreting systems adapted to the unique needs of our customers. To offer customers personalized follow-up to ensure our products continue to deliver top performance.


Our values

Promoting team work and encouraging personal initiative, for results-driven performance, developing a feeling of pride and accomplishment, in a context of total integrity.


Our approach

Partnering with some of the top suppliers in the world so that we can offer systems suited to your needs, making us your preferred partner for all your pumping and concreting projects. Make us your partner at your job site!

Our Skills

  • Selection of systems
  • Customer service
  • Site mobilization
  • After-sale service
  • 24h on-call service

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