About Nature Energy

Nature Energy is a leader in the green transition and a biogas pioneer. Today, Nature Energy operates 10 biogas plants located throughout Denmark, and 2 abroad.

Nature Energy’s biogas plants will treat more than 5 million tonnes of biomass – waste from agriculture, industry and households – in 2020, converting it into 170 million m3 of green gas.

That much biogas could be used to fuel 10,000 lorries driving 30,000 miles per year, or to heat 72,000 homes. All of this is CO2-neutral as well as replacing fossil fuels.

The Market Leader in Biogas Production

Nature Energy is market leader in turning these many thousands of tonnes of biomass into green, CO2-neutral gas as effectively as possible. We collect and deliver biomass from businesses, agriculture and households, and we always make sure that the surrounding community remains as undisturbed as possible by transport and odours.

Nature Energy is already making a big difference in the green transition, but our ambitions are even bigger. That is why Nature Energy is investing intensively in research, including our own laboratory at our head office in Odense. The laboratory is a site for research into refining the technology so that we can extract even more energy from biomass and produce even better fertiliser for agriculture. The laboratory is also doing research in new biomasses for production of green, CO2-neutral energy in the future.
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