About Naskeo environnement

Founded in 2005, Naskeo is a French and independent company with more than 12 years of experience in project development from 100 kWél to 2 200 kWél, in France and abroad. We carry out the development, design, construction and maintenance of biogas plants.

Naskeo Environment has more than 40 turnkey projects under construction or operation and 50 projects in development.

Naskeo is ISO 9001 certified and ensures optimal quality management.


Research & Development laboratory

Naskeo tests the methane potential of your wastes in its own Research & Development laboratory. Through its partnership with the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology – LBE (INRA Narbonne, South of France), Naskeo is able to provide the following services:

  • Analyze of your feedstock in details (Biochemical Methane Potential, agronomics, etc.)
  • Operate a pilot with your specific mix of wastes for biogas production further analysis
  • Turnkey Biogas Laboratory with analysis material and pilot (2 to 60 L) for dry and wet digestion
    • Equipment supply, assembly & installation: AMPTS, heat chamber, spectrophotometer, pilot with monitoring computerized system (biogas-meter, analyzer, heating system, mixing system)
    • Training for results interpretation
    • Maintenance




Naskeo’s technologies are adapted to any feedstocks

  • Manure
  • Farming by-products
  • Agrofood industry wastes
  • Organic household wastes
  • Green wastes
  • Sludges

Naskeo offers every types of biogas valorization

  • Electricity production with CHP unit
  • Biomethane production with upgrading unit
  • Gas bottling combined with upgrading unit
  • Heat production with boiler

Naskeo offers enhanced digestate management

  • Expert in agricultural sciences
  • Optimal digestate reusing through efficient spreading
  • Digestate drying
  • Specific nutrients separation


For more information, visit Naskeo Environnement’s website.


  • Construction Services
  • Biogas Engineering and Consulting

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