About Naskeo environnement

As a French specialist in the energy recovery of organic materials through anaerobic digestion, Naskeo Environnement offers cost-effective and sustainable solutions that guarantee a complementary source of income and the production of renewable energies (electricity, biomethane and heat).

Since 2005, Naskeo Environnement supports its customers from the exploratory phase to the technical and biological monitoring of the units in operation.

Today, they have 15 years of experience in the construction of anaerobic digestion and they have some 40 biogas plants in operation, both in the dry and in the dry processes.


Research & Development laboratory

Naskeo Environment uses an analytical and research platform located at INRA in Narbonne, the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology (LBE), to perform analysis and research in anaerobic digestion. The analysis allow Naskeo Environment to:

  • Analyze the precise nature and potential for anaerobic digestion of specific organics
  • Follow up with the biological monitoring of an anaerobic digestion unit
  • Measure the methane content of biogas





Naskeo is expanding its knowledge in the development, design, construction and maintenance of biogas plants to enable treatment, waste disposal and guarantee of renewable energy production through biogas upgrading.

Naskeo’s technologies are adapted to any feedstocks

  • Manure
  • Farming by-products
  • Agrofood industry wastes
  • Organic household wastes
  • Green wastes
  • Sludges

Naskeo offers every types of biogas valorization

  • Electricity production with CHP unit
  • Biomethane production with upgrading unit
  • Gas bottling combined with upgrading unit
  • Heat production with boiler

Naskeo offers enhanced digestate management

  • Expert in agricultural sciences
  • Optimal digestate reusing through efficient spreading
  • Digestate drying
  • Carbon footprint


For more information, visit Naskeo Environnement’s website.


  • Biogas & RNG Project Consulting
  • Biogas System Consulting
  • Biogas System Engineering

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