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Tough Challenges, Smart Solutions

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects are comprehensive and complicated and require a multi-disciplinary team of experts to be able tackle all that is required to successfully deliver a system that can operate for the long term. Our Biogas team’s industry-leading expertise, combined with a unique ability to listen and be flexible, will turn your RNG questions and problems into a solution.


Key Markets: Agriculture and Landfill Gas

With a focused experience on agricultural and landfill gas projects, we work closely with farmers, developers, site owners, investors and other key stakeholders to help bring projects to life. Collectively, our team has helped over 50 farms and landfills along their RNG project journey and we hold and value key relationships across the industry for strategic teaming and partnering.


We Know Biogas

The Biogas team of industry pioneers leads in early-stage project evaluation, permitting, technology selection, design, engineering, procurement, construction management, and long-term operations and maintenance for projects of all sizes. Our multi-disciplinary project team of certified engineers, project managers, construction staff and operators encompass the comprehensive suite of services necessary to develop, design, build, operate and maintain RNG facilities as well as yield customized solutions to our clients.


We Can Handle The Big Projects

Our Biogas team is part of global network of environmental professionals and experts that provide services across disciplines to clients in both the public and private sector. Our team’s footprint, depth and financial capacity as part of Montrose Environmental Group allows us the ability to lead large projects and provide clients with the confidence and guarantees needed to execute and deliver complex RNG solutions.


Project Experience That Sets Us Apart

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