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Leyline Renewable Capital provides bridge lending and development-stage capital to renewable energy projects including involvement in the financing of more than 3 gigawatts of solar, wind, storage and anaerobic digestion projects since the company’s founding. Leyline is backed by $150 million in funding from a private equity investor and has enabled the financing of more than $4 billion in renewable energy projects.

In addition, Leyline offers deep expertise in development, asset management and finance. Its employees have previously held leadership roles at some of the most respected names in the renewable energy industry including Entropy, Silicon Ranch Corporation, Cypress Creek Renewables, Clean Line Energy Partners, 8minute Solar Energy and GE.


Our Strategy

Leyline has a singular focus. We invest to serve as the catalyst for big renewable energy projects – the kind that leverage capital in the millions into developments worth billions.

We do this by providing pre-construction funding for essential steps such as engineering work, impact studies, secure interconnection deals, and land acquisition for solar, wind, geothermal and anaerobic digestion facilities.

Leyline Investment Timeline

Tackling early-stage challenges is critical for the success of any renewable energy project. That’s why, in addition to flexible capital, we also offer guidance based on decades of combined development experience, and we generate creative solutions that account for the unique circumstances of each project.

While financing is important, what we do goes beyond leveraging capital. We know that the projects we’re financing have the power to protect our planet.

That’s why Leyline is laser-focused on helping developers to solve problems and overcome challenges. For us, that means maintaining flexibility in our approach and ensuring speed in our process. Taking a long-term view that isn’t subject to the ups and downs of the market. Applying our experience and creativity to structure solutions that meet individual developer’s needs. And sharing our experience, extensive network, and market insights to help developers turn a plan into something practical.

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Leyline Investment Timeline
Lester Krone
Managing Director (Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill Gas, RNG)


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