InnoWaCon LLC: Innovative Waste Conversion Technologies

InnoWaCon LLC, meaning Innovative Waste Conversion technologies brings in a number of cutting edge yet tried-and-proven waste treatment technologies from Europe to the North American market. Among these are MYT® or Maximum Yield Technology.

MYT®: Maximum Yield Technology

MYT® is a mature MBT (Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment) technology to treat MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) in a very environmentally friendly and economical way. Outputs of the flexible and scalable MYT® system are a very high methane content Biogas (70-71% consistently) which can of course be converted to RNG, Diesel, Hydrogen.

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) for thermal utilization is also produced by MYT® and is utilized as alternative fuels to produce heat and energy for example in the cement industry), or used for example in other technologies to produce syngas or ethanols /methanols. A high diversion rate from landfill (approx.. 90%) can be achieved with MYT® and only a small amount of material such as inert material, glass, porcelain chips etc. would have to be landfilled. Recyclables can also be extracted and brought back into the circular economy as possibly required by local, State and Federal regulations.

Our expertise

InnoWaCon LLC also brings in the Biogas technology of n-bio GmbH, Konstanz, Germany to the N. American market. n-bio has AD-technologies for the efficient and cost effective AD treatment of food-waste, agricultural waste and animal waste. These technologies are designed to the kind and amount of waste and other customer specifications, for example cold or warm climates.

InnoWaCon LLC is proud to represent the extremely robust shredder, storage and baling technologies of the company EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH of Merkers, Germany. These systems can be used for particularly tough-to-process (shred) materials such as railroad-sleepers, car bodies, paper tubes etc. The shredding, storage and baling of MSW with EuRec systems has been used in many a project.

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