Hibon: A world-class range of air and gas solutions for truck, process and vacuum applications

Hibon provides a complete and comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, positive displacement blowers, and multi-stage centrifugal blowers.

This standard pressure or vacuum pumps, process blowers and systems are the best solutions in every application where clean, consistent, robust and reliable vacuum or low pressure is mission-critical for better process results.

Process gas applications
HIBON offers a wide range of heavy duty process blowers in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, materials and sealing arrangements to suit all gases and vapors including toxic, corrosive and explosive.

HIBON Process blowers are used for the agitation of digesters or for the transfer of the biogas for supplying distillers, boilers, heat engines and generating sets, of system of cogeneration, etc.

In food industries the same application is used for CO2 recovery in sugar mill, and in agriculture on the liquid manures of breeding.

For more details on our Process blowers, take a look at our Case Study.



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