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For over 80 years, Hach®’s water analysis solutions have helped customers of all sizes and industries deliver quality water. With a broad line of analytical solutions, we make water analysis better – faster, simpler, greener, and more informative.

Trust Hach for absolute confidence in the quality of your water with:

Expert Answers
With experience and resources in every corner of the globe, Hach makes it easier for you to be right in your water analysis. Our application expertise across all industries helps you reduce risk, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency. Ongoing training and educational tools available to you provide knowledge and resources to help you deliver unparalleled results.

Outstanding Support
To have confidence in the quality of your water, you need continual, accurate analysis. Our extensive support team, including Field Service Support Technicians, Technical Support Agents, and Customer Service Representatives, provides direct assistance to ensure timely and correct water quality data.

Reliable, Easy-to-Use Solutions
Hach was born from a singular goal – simplifying water analysis. This founding principle inspires us to provide easier, more accurate, and more dependable solutions. As water challenges evolve, our commitment to constant innovation propels our delivery of exceptional solutions that meet your needs.


A broad range of solutions to solve your specific needs

Hach’s humble beginnings as a water analytics manufacturer have grown beyond just measurement tools. Valuing ease-of-use, accuracy, and reliability, we craft our portfolio of solutions around the unique regulatory and operational challenges your facility faces – placing engineers and plant managers at the forefront of every design and innovation.

Lab solutions form the foundation of Hach. We offer regulatory-approved methods for confidence in water quality to municipal and industrial facilities. Delivering simplicity, accuracy, and low maintenance, our lab solutions help operators, engineers, and chemists with water quality analysis.

You know that load levels change. By continuously analyzing water levels with a Hach analyzer, you can handle unexpected events within your facility, such as peak loads. And optimized operations empower you to lower costs while delivering top water quality.

Real-Time Control Systems
Hach’s off-the-shelf Real-Time Control (RTC) Systems continually adjust treatment processes in real time, keeping your facility compliant while reducing treatment costs – making operations easier than ever.

With more than 800 Field Technicians, Technical Support Experts, and Bench Service Technicians across the globe, Hach’s Service division makes sure your solutions run smoothly. From startup and maintenance to operation training, we have the ideal program to maximize uptime and achieve the ROI you need.

Commercial Learning
The goal of our Commercial Learning group is to make every operator an expert in Hach solutions. Commercial Learning leverages Hach’s 80 years in water quality, combining best-in-class information with digital and hands-on learning tools. Get the expertise you need to leverage our solutions and meet the increasing demands of your industry.



Better water quality – from municipal to industrial

From large municipal facilities to microbreweries, Hach’s solutions can be found on every continent in virtually any industry or application where water quality matters. Simply put, where there is water quality analysis, there is Hach.


Drinking Water
Hach’s drinking water solutions include a complete portfolio for lab, online, field, and service applications. Our experts continue to innovate portable and online analyzers to help facilities maintain compliance, cut costs, and streamline operations.

Hach wastewater solutions, including our Real-Time Control Systems, nutrient sensors and analyzers, and spectrophotometers, provide the overarching information you need to make compliance and process control improvement easier.

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Food and Beverage
Our food and beverage portfolio, including lab, online, portable, and integrated solutions, delivers on your top priorities: higher product quality, less product loss, and compliance.

Power Generation
Paired with local field support, online analytics and lab verification cover the comprehensive parameters needed to help ensure maximum uptime and accurate measurement – promoting plant efficiency and compliance.

For chemical plants, Hach analytic solutions support environmental performance requirements with online and lab verifications as well as testing solutions that span all critical parameters.

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Engineering and Consulting
Hach’s Engineering Design Tool helps engineering consultants make the best design choices and streamline the design process for faster, reliable project plans.

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