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Green Service Europe constructs customised biogas installations on all kinds of waste streams (vegetables, manure, …). As a consequence, no external streams have to be added for an operational system. Small or large amounts of waste do not create any obstacles. Our reliable CHP produces green electricity and heat on your farm or industry and ensures a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as CH4 (methane) includes a 24 times higher greenhouse gas effect than CO2 (carbon dioxide). The CHP is easy to use and built according to industrial standards. Due to an excellent isolated digester, the excess of heat can be applied for other heat projects as well.

The policy of Green Service Europe underlines the importance to maintain a good customer-supplier relationship, and as a consequence, we attach great importance to after-sale service. Green Service Europe ensures a fast service by our well-trained technicians who are aware of the newest technological solutions. Experts in waste and water management can assist you with the background and knowhow of the digester system and other follow-up projects. As an example, Green Service Europe also focuses on the production of hydrogen and (m)ethanol as alternative fuels for methane.

Apart from the generation of sustainable energy out of your waste, Green Service Europe believes that waste includes much more potential and is therefore looking beyond by valorising the produced digestate. In first place, the system of Green Service Europe guarantees a hygienised and exportable digestate by manipulating the waste under thermophilic conditions. Depending on the wishes of the customer, Green Service Europe can offer a total solution for your waste for example by recovering nutrients. As a consequence, Green Service Europe prevents and converts waste into all kinds of valuable output streams. In this way, Green Service Europe aims for a circular economy in which we give your waste flows a second life. We provide you with analysis, construction, financing and implementation which is customised on your specific problem or case. If that isn’t a (green) service?

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