About GNR Quebec Capital

GNR Québec Capital is an initiative to develop and invest in high-performance organic waste treatment facilities for the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) in Québec. Created from a partnership between Xebec Adsorption Inc. and the Solidarity Fund QFL, GNR Québec Capital will be able to finance projects and generate an overall investment of approximately $400 million in Québec over the next decade.

It aims to:

  • Accelerate the decarbonisation of industrial sectors while supporting the circular economy through organic waste management
  • Invest in RNG waste processing facilities across the province to provide additional revenue streams for farmers, municipalities and industry
  • Help Quebec put in place new structures that are better adapted to co-invest, develop and operate these facilities in a professional manner to meet the new regulations
  • Create new opportunities for local populations by securing a long-term supply of energy and fertilizer products


  • Financing
  • Project Developers

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