What is GNR Québec Capital?

An innovative financial vehicle to stimulate Québec’s renewable natural gas (RNG) economy


Our mission

GNR Québec Capital supports the development and operation of renewable natural gas production projects in Québec. By combining financing and an advisory approach, GNR Québec Capital is a key partner in creating a circular economy and promoting Québec’s energy transition.

Our objectives

  • Develop a carbon-neutral form of renewable energy
  • Minimize organic waste being sent to landfills
  • Treat and recover organic waste
  • Lower GHG emissions
  • Support cities, communities, farmers and the agri-food industry in their efforts
  • Enable developers to access capital
    as well as expertise in project financing
  • Equitably support different types of projects in key sectors: agriculture, industry and municipalities


Our involvement

GNR Québec Capital is ready to invest in municipal, agricultural and industrial biomethane projects offering reasonable long-term return potential. The Fund can support projects in 3 ways:

Equity investments

  • Investment in the form of equity
  • $3 to $5 million per project, on average
  • Projects producing biogas
  • Projects located mainly in Québec
  • Internal rate of return calculated over 15 or 20 years


Financial support for project development

  • Creation of project company
  • Creation of project data room
  • Financing of preliminary studies (feasibility, engineering, environment, etc.)
  • Creation of business model
  • Creation of financial structure


Technical support

  • Assistance with waste supply
  • Assistance with project management
  • Assistance with operation of biogas plant


Targeted projects

GNR Québec Capital targets projects that promote the circular economy and generate additional sources of revenue for farmers, municipalities and industry, while simultaneously accelerating decarbonization.

Municipal projects

  • Brown bins
  • ICI (industrial, commercial and institutional) organic waste
  • Municipal sludge


Agricultural projects

  • Liquid manure
  • Solid manure
  • Crop residues
  • Litters


Industrial projects

  • Agri-food organic waste


Delivery methods

GNR Québec Capital can be involved in all project delivery methods involving a private equity stake.

GNR Québec Capital invests in long-term partnerships with public or private developers and can advise them on various project development and financing methods.


  • Financing
  • Project Developers

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