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Gazpack has developed a unique system for upgrading biogas from biomass to green gas, by cleaning completely the H2S.

After 8 years of extensive research together with several universities a new desulphuriszation method was developed that converts the contaminated oil gas into several useful products. The patented Sulaway® method had been tested in laboratories but still needed to show its full potential on a larger scale. A pilot version of the installation needed to be built and tested. Due to strict regulations in the oil and gas industry and the distant locations of the oil wells, Gazpack decided to look for an alternative test location closer to home.

Biogas turned out to be very similar in properties to oil gas, making it the perfect alternative to test the pilot installation of Gazpack. After successful testing the patented system has now been fully developed to be implemented in both oil and gas and biogas industry. Both industries will benefit from a highly innovative and high quality product that produces clean gas, usable Sulphur gas and sulphuric acid without any waste.

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