FNX-INNOV: An Innovative Engineering Firm

FNX-INNOV is an innovative engineering firm whose resourceful specialists and savvy multidisciplinary teams are driven to achieve success on major projects in efforts to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We rely on our experienced team’s strengths and energy and its expertise in engineering, project management, environmental protection, and systems integration to provide comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ most complex requirements.

A Full Range of Services in Waste Management, Energy and Other Sectors

Thanks to our more than 1000 professionals and experts, we provide a full range of services in various sectors, including the environment, energy, infrastructure, water treatment, building, energy efficiency, industrial and mining engineering, telecommunications, earth sciences, materials engineering, construction and project management.

These services are customized and integrated for each project and delivered seamlessly from design to implementation.

Building on our reputation for innovation, superior technical and technology performance, and effective client service, we deploy our know-how in Canada and around the world on both public and private projects. We stand out as a responsible company that is dedicated to its clients, the environment, and the highest standards of professional integrity.


FNX-INNOV’s team of specialists is involved in all facets of power generation and distribution. Our experts combine extensive expertise and skill sets with best-in-class engineering solutions; as a result, we meet our clients’ most stringent technical expectations and organizational objectives.

In efforts to foster sustainable development, the experts at FNX-INNOV are active in all power-generation sectors, including hydro-electricity, wind farms, gas-fired and biomass-based thermal power plants, solar energy, and geothermal energy.


Our engineering, chemical and microbiology specialists have applied their expertise in the design of the most efficient physicochemical and biological treatment systems for municipal, industrial and agricultural drinking water and wastewater on more than a hundred municipal, industrial and agricultural water and wastewater treatment projects.

Waste Management

Our vision of sustainable development has led us to position ourselves as a major player in the development of energy recovery. Our experts work on study and implementation of the most efficient innovative technologies to meet tomorrow’s challenges. These projects include the implementation of waste-to-energy treatment systems for the production of renewable energy (electricity, renewable natural gas, biofuels, etc.) from various organic materials sources.


FNX-INNOV’s multidisciplinary and experienced environmental team stands out with its holistic approach that applies know-how in development, environmental protection, and engineering to the earliest stages of the project life cycle, including planning, characterization and design.

Project Examples

Picture-Ghardaia wastewater treatment plant project-Algeria
Picture-port-cartier biofuel plant project
Picture-biomethanization project-Lochmead Farm-USA


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