Since 2008, E&A has provided services contributing to nearly one billion dollars in industry market expansion and business development, the direct and indirect creation of more than 5,000 domestic, clean-energy sector jobs, and the reduction of thousands of tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

In July 2011, E&A President Johannes Escudero founded the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Inc. (RNG Coalition) to fill a void and provide the renewable natural gas industry in North America with a policy platform and an advocacy and education voice. Mr. Escudero serves also serves as CEO of the RNG Coalition, a non-profit organization with a growing, international membership base.

As a result of E&A’s industry relationships, leadership and credibility, we are often the first point of contact for the private and public sector. RNG developers, gas/power marketers, transporters, aggregators, consultants and brokers, fueling stations, public and private fleets, corporations, municipalities and universities seeking RNG supply, demand, financing, investment or other services have come to trust E&A.

E&A’s services continue to be sought after by established industry stakeholders and new market participants, most of whom are members of the RNG Coalition.


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