Ecostrat: North America Leader in Assessing, Developing, Optimizing, and Managing Biomass Supply Chains

Ecostrat has over 20 years experience sourcing and supplying over 5 million tons of wood fiber and organic feedstock in markets across North America. We offer reliable biomass feedstock supply and powerful analytics to understand and minimize supply chain risk.

Our future depends on helping our customers achieve success. We offer accessible expert knowledge and practical solutions, and we deliver on our promises.

The Ecostrat Biomass Supply Group has deep experience in aggregating and supplying quality wood fiber and organics for bio-based projects throughout North America and overseas.

Our Advisory Group supports bio-project developers and lenders worldwide who understand the value of working with the North American leader in sourcing feedstock and evaluating supply chain risk.


Biomass Supply Group

Ecostrat supplies quality biomass feedstock to markets across North America and overseas under secure, long-term contracts. From post-industrial and virgin wood fiber to organic substrates, you can count on us to deliver quality biomass on time, every time.

We currently move 500,000 tons of biomass on an annual basis within North America, servicing a wide range of markets, including: heat and power, chemical solidification, anaerobic digestion (“AD”), animal bedding, land application, soil amendment, compost, mulch, and wood pellet.



Biomass Advisory Group

The Ecostrat Advisory Group is a leading North American advisory firm focused exclusively on assessing, validating and optimizing bio-based feedstock supply chains for projects across the following sectors: Biogas and Compost, Biomass Heat and Power, Biomaterials and Solid Fuels, Biofuels and Biochemicals.

Since 2008, our Biomass Advisory Group has prepared over 200 Biomass Supply Assessments and Market Studies for leading project developers, power utilities, financial institutions, investment funds, engineering companies, US National Labs, Governments and First Nations across North America. Our trusted approach has been developed and refined over a decade working closely with our clients and industry experts to ensure our reports provide clear, actionable insight and the necessary data and analysis required to understand and mitigate risk.



BDO Zone Initiative

The Bioeconomy Development Opportunity (BDO) Zone Initiative enables communities to powerfully leverage biomass assets to serve as anchors for clean energy economic development.

BDO Zones are force-multipliers for de-risking and attracting investment into new plants that produce sustainable aviation fuel and advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, biogas, and other bio-based manufacturing products.

BDO Zone risk ratings drive bio-based investment and create clean energy jobs. They help stand up new biobased production plants that decrease GHGs in a meaningful way.

They help secure our clean energy future.



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