Digester Doc: Full-Service Anaerobic Digestion Consultation Laboratory

Digester Doc is a full-service center for anaerobic digestion specializing in long-term system health through innovations in biochemical research. With a combined 50+ years in the industry our professional team assists in all elements of the anaerobic digestion industry, including feasibility, incentives, permits, development, byproduct commercialization, and improving gas yields.

By leveraging advances in scientific research, we provide novel solutions to industry needs.

While many of our clients are dairies, our experience includes a multitude of feedstocks. We’ve even developed feasible solutions for unique feedstocks like rat waste and blood plasma. We consult with small businesses and major corporations alike, and our experts are actively involved in the development of environmental policies. At Digester Doc we are improving the anaerobic digester industry through expert consulting, laboratory testing, education, research & development, and public advocacy.

Digester Doc’s core values are Innovation, Integrity, and Results.

We have completed projects in more than 28 states across the U.S., and have worked with several international clients.

Science and Technology

Anaerobic digestion technologies are advancing every day. It can be hard to know what is best for each system or how to troubleshoot current technologies. Digester Doc is actively involved with project development of anaerobic digestion systems with companies such as Tyson Fresh Meats, Northwest Natural Gas, various dairies and farms nationwide, among other less traditional anaerobic digestion projects. We are in the business of co-developing other renewable biogas systems throughout the country utilizing community-based systems to take feedstocks to generate clean energy, clean water, clean air, and thriving soils.

We are 100% committed to finding the right solution for the client.

As a full-service center for anaerobic digestion, Digester Doc is positioned to identify industry needs, and develop solutions where those needs are unmet in current practice. This background has led to the development of several revolutionary services, including our toxicity and nutrient deficiency screen (TND), Mimir custom chemical blends, as well as Valkyrie Analytics, providing 24/7 remote monitoring of digester biology.

Science and Technology


Education and Advocacy

As the anaerobic digestion industry rapidly expands to fill a global need for methane capture, more than anything else, the industry is faced with needing to challenge the status quo, to not accept that what was the norm ten years ago remains true today, to apply 21st century solutions to a technology often mired in its 20th century roots. Digester Doc as a provider of problem solving services has been uniquely positioned over the past decade to identify ongoing challenges the industry faces, and has worked to develop lasting solutions through scientific understanding, technology innovation, and educational outreach.

We are in the process of developing an apprenticeship program to meet U.S. Department of Labor guidelines under the Office of Apprenticeship with a focus on training digester operators to the same level that tradesmen in other industries experience. With a multi-year education commitment, and a robust requirement for on-site experience, this apprenticeship program will provide this burgeoning industry with the skilled labor it so desperately needs as more and more projects come online in the future.

We have numerous projects on the horizon, from high school science experiments, to public and political advocacy. Anaerobic digestion has a significant role to play in a clean energy future from agriculture, to industry, to food waste diversion, but it remains widely unrecognized and underutilized.

Education and Advocacy


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