The CNETE has an impressive park of process and analysis equipment on the cutting edge of technology. With a total value of $13M, process equipment available range from the lab scale to pilot scale.

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Technological developments made at the CNETE affect, among others, the fields related to the renewable energy, pharmaceutical, food, and environmental industries.

The recognized expertise of the CNETE has helped several development & technology transfer projects in the biogas sector. To support its expertise, the CNETE has three platforms dedicated to anaerobic digestion:

  • Laboratory (BMP, BHP, 5l, 10l)
  • Pilot 300 liters
  • Mobile Platform 4500 liters

The CNETE is able to offer you support for your projects by offering the following services:

  • Quantification of the deposit that may be upgraded to biogas
  • Characterization of the deposit
  • Evaluation of the methanogenic potential of the different fractions of the deposit – BMP
  • Qualification of the different fractions of the deposit
  • Development of revenue and mixing ratios
  • Evaluation of potential technologies (pretreatments, digesters, biogas valorization)
  • Techno-economic analysis of the project
  • Piloting: validation and optimization of mixture ratios and operating parameters
  • Training and technical support to start
  • Accompaniment during startup of the plant
  • Support to plant operations
  • Troubleshooting

Sectors of services

More generally, the CNETE offers services in the following sectors:

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Other expertises

Bioprocessing & Biotechnology

Industrial bioprocesses: development and optimization of the processes for the production of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical biomolecules, of the processes for the production of enzymes, of biological processes of wastewater treatment, of appropriate fermentation processes for the food industry and for the renewable energy sector (biofuels, algae, biogas).


Membrane Separation Techniques

These separation techniques ranging from microfiltration to reverse osmosis allow the separation, concentration, and purification of molecules with efficiency, while decreasing production costs.


  • Laboratories and Scientific Services

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