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BTS Biogas (Biogas Technology Services), is an Italian based company, US owned, with more than 25 years of experience in the Biogas market worldwide.

Our biological and technical know-how and the extensive experience in operation of biogas plants has led to the development of countless products and solutions that have become part of our complete customized solution for biogas and biomethane plants.

With the use of proven and attended anaerobic digestion technology, BTS Biogas is now contracting facilities that can also process and co-digest other more challenge waste streams including:

  • Packaged food and post-consumer food waste
  • Fats, oils and grease (“FOG”)
  • Sludge from industrial food facilities like dairy and poultry processors
  • Litter (chickens, cows, pigs, humans, and any other litter)

Our company has a lot of experience in the realization and the management of more than 220 plants, in Italy, France, US, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic and Poland, that operate in co-digestion of residues of livestock, agricultural activity and food waste industry.

With our laboratory MetanLab, the first laboratory dedicated exclusively to the biogas world, we want to develop a new generation of biogas power plants, to ensure long-lasting, safe and profitable operation. By following scientific methods, we collect empirical values that describe the production processes and biogas efficiency in various conditions. Thanks to this data, we are able to constantly improve the design and management of the biogas power plants, by entering it in the dinaMETAN database.

Our MetanLab is also involved with our research and developed team: we endeavor to continuously innovate to respond to changing customer needs.

As suppliers of innovative Biogas power plants, we are continuously working on improvements to our products and services. The years of experience, the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to each customer group, as well as the close contact we are maintaining with environmental institutions, raw material specialists and marketing experts, support our efforts in this.

The objectives of our research and development department are:

  • the use of state-of-the-art technology
  • the consideration of environmental protection requirements
  • the guarantee of a safe and profitable operation of our plants
  • the realization of an optimal production method

The “End of Waste” principle is our vision that conceptualizes just that – negating the necessity of waste. By- products of human activity can, and must, be valued and transformed to re-enter the productive cycle of the world’s natural system.

BTS stands out in technology innovation, build reliability, service efficiency and contributes to enhance the circular economy.


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