Biogaz Tech: Renewable Gas Specialist

Biogaz Tech offers technical expertise for biogas plants and renewable gas projects in both France and Canada, providing expertise in site design and site optimization.

We support future operators with all the administrative procedures for their project, from the feasibility study to the commissioning and operation of the installation.

You can have a single point of contact for the entire development and implementation of your biogas project.


Our services

Biogaz Tech can help to define your renewable energy production project according to the materials available to the project site and help fix objectives throughout the project.

These first steps allow us to validate the technical and economic feasibility of your energy production project.

Project Management Assistance
Biogaz Tech accompanies you throughout the entire span of your project with Project Management Assistance (PMA).

Biogaz Tech will be at your side in financially exploiting the energy produced by your installation through the purchase contracts for electricity and gas. Essentially, we will be with you right up to the funding of your renewable energy project.

Construction Assistance
Once the project is approved, Biogaz Tech assists its clients during the construction phase of the installation.

From the design phase of the installation we are constantly at hand to offer our advice. We are equally present throughout the construction phase to confirm the correct implementation of the facility.

Support for Acceptance
After the construction phase, the acceptance of the installation is the next crucial step between the suppliers and the project owner.

The acceptance is done in different stages but it is only when the site has reached its designed performance levels that the acceptance is finalized.

Biogaz Tech provides complete support to optimize the power output of your installation: from the technical and biological analysis to the implementation and purchasing procedures.

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