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Our company is specialized in biogas cleaning for use as a raw material for the energy or Biomethane production. We develop waste to energy projects using gasification or pyrolysis technologies. Treatment of leachate and saline water with proprietary technologies.

We are a company that supplies equipment and technologies for biogas cleaning and Biomethane production. Regarding biogas cleaning, we supply equipment for both coarse and fine cleaning (polishing). In coarse cleaning we supply multipurpose foam breakers, H2S and humidity filters, as well as high and low efficiency condensate pots of different types. For fine cleaning we have different biogas drying equipment and adsorbent filters that are easy to use, as well as technologies for biogas capture and cleaning. Regarding Biomethane production, we have amine washing technology and membrane technology, including the Biomethane liquefaction stage.

We develop waste treatment projects via gasification, and we provide training courses, both about Bioenergy, and on biogas capture and cleaning facilities.

We always seek to respond to all your needs related to waste treatment and biogas application through the development of specific projects, we provide engineering services and technical advice to projects.



  • Supply of equipment and technologies for biogas cleaning, both in the coarse and fine cleaning biogas lines.
  • Development of projects for the recovery of waste via gasification or pyrolysis.
  • Supply of technologies for the treatment of leachate from landfills and for the recovery of salts from saline waters.
  • Engineering and consultancy services for process plants for the recovery of waste. From conceptual engineering to detail engineering.
  • Training courses on Biogas and Bioenergy.
  • We develop pilot-level facilities to carry out field studies of related problems with. Gas cleaning, odour removal, leachate treatment and waste treatment.



Our organization promotes research, development, and technological innovation as a motor for the development of new technologies in the areas of interest of our clients. We have the most appropriate facilities and qualified personnel to carry out this work.

Some of the research and development lines are: gas cleaning, thermal recovery of metals, gasification of liquids with a high organic load and sludge, hydrogen purification.


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