Bio-Dynamics: 30 years of experience in concrete tank solutions for biogas and water treatment

Bio-Dynamics is specialized in building tanks for wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants and for industrial and agricultural applications. Bio-Dynamics has over 30 years of experience in he treatment of industrial waste water and environmental engineering.

Now Bio Dynamics is specialized in the building of round tanks with a diameter starting from 14,5 feet (4,5m) to 164 feet (50m) and up to 66 feet (20m) in height, with or without roof, underground or over ground level.


Biogas Expertise


The building of digesters and post-digesters is an expertise of Bio-Dynamics. In agriculture, most of the biogas units that we build, are units fully scaled on the size of the farm.

These units are mainly fed with manure and other substrates that are available on the farm. Based on the design of the constructor or the assembler, we build units from 100 up to 500 kW. Also the construction of concrete digesters for micro-fermentation, with an installed power less than 100 kW is one of the expertise of Bio-Dynamics.

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The construction of industrial digesters and post-digesters is also an expertise of Bio-Dynamics. These units are built in order to produce energy on a large scale, from 500 kW up to 10 MW and more. They are fed with all sorts of substrates available on the market.

Commissioned by the engineering or consultancy firm or the client the digesters can also be equipped with: adjacent piping and pumps, wooden deck, lining, pressure relief valve, gas membrane, paddle agitators (patented), level of membrane (patented), mixers, biogas engine and cogenerator, combined electricity and heat production, command and control, walking floors, feeding mixers and driers.

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Wastewater Treatment Expertise

Settling tanks
The seamless execution of locally poured concrete tanks is the best solution for settling tanks. The piping is positioned in the form work and poured in with the concrete of the central column. The floor is poured under customers’ specified slope and a sludge pit is added according to Bio-Dynamics’ standard. If requested Bio-Dynamics can add to the settling tank streak bridges and overflows.

Collecting tanks
For an optimum operation sequence you may need to store the basic or intermediate material in special storage tanks. Buffer storage tanks are typical in a waste water treatment plant. All can be equipped with a acid resistant lining from HDPE or with an epoxy coating.

Grid and pump sumps
In a very simple and effective way small silos can be poured underground. A sulphate resistant lining is adhered to the form work and poured in the concrete to prevent corrosion of the concrete. To prevent eventual bad odors or to allow installations on top of it Bio-Dynamics can provide a roof and lids.

Aeration tanks
Building aeration tanks is the core activity of Bio-Dynamics’ civil construction business. Circular tanks are the most economical solution for a wastewater purification station. The tanks are mostly build with a height of 7 meters to 10 meters (23 feet to 33 feet) to obtain a cost effective oxygen absorption. Building concentric silos in one system provides the advantage of allowing combined oxidation with nutrient disposal. Bio-Dynamics is your prime partner for the construction of the concrete tanks, but can provide upon request the production, delivery and installation of aeration systems including piping etc.

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