Bähler Biogaz: Experts in the design and construction of anaerobic digestion plants

Who we are

Having worked on more than 20 successful projects in Canada over the past 10 years, we have developed a unique expertise in the infrastructure design, construction and installation in the anaerobic digestion sector.

More recently, over the past two years, we have been involved in the development of the most anaerobic digester construction projects in Canada.

These projects allowed us to bring together the team of the best qualified experts to manage projects and to build and commission anaerobic digesters. We have formed strategic alliances with world’s leading manufacturers to supply and install reliable high-quality systems.

From the very first year of the company existence, Bähler Biogaz is aiming to become a Canadian leader in anaerobic digestion market.


Our mission

Faithful to our values of excellence and integrity, we design, build and start up reliable and efficient anaerobic digestion systems. In doing so, we nurture mutually beneficial business relationships by meeting our clients’ expectations.


Our values

·       Excellence
·       Success
·       Thinking Ahead
·       Determination


Our expertise

Biogas systems – Design, construction and commissioning

Bähler Biogaz highly qualified team designs and manages the project, builds the infrastructure, installs and commissions your biogas system. Our team offers a turnkey solution to ensure that your project is completed on time, according to your requirements and the agreed budget while complying with all applicable standards.


28 years of construction experience

Bähler has been working in formwork and infrastructure construction for 28 years. We know how to manage projects – we manage all stages of the project for our clients, from system design, tanks and building construction to assembling the equipment. We respect the standards and regulations applicable to localization, processes, structures, feedstock and digestate, biogas, safety and certification of facilities. Bähler Biogaz provides a turnkey service depending on the client’s needs.


Outstanding know-how

Bähler’s team includes some of the best anaerobic digestion experts in Canada that are bringing their unique expertise of working on more than 150 anaerobic digestion projects. These professionals were involved in the development and implementation of processes that are used to deliver the projects within the timeline and budget while respecting the current standards.


Reliable partners

Our suppliers from Canada and other countries have developed a well-earned reputation for their reliability, the quality of their products and excellent client service. For Bähler Biogaz, there is no room for novelties: we prefer tried-and-tested industry solutions, in Canada or other countries, by demonstrating well-known performance, operating and maintenance costs. We pay close attention to the quality of customer service of our suppliers so that our clients are as satisfied as we are. Bähler Biogaz selects its suppliers carefully in order to offer proven and reliable solutions.


Proven products

We only choose reliable products that meet the quality, performance and durability standards of the biogas industry. An anaerobic digester has several sub-assemblies, each including several components, that will really be put to the test during years to come and that is why we strive to select and offer you high-quality products with a proven track record. It’s our way of providing you with uncompromising efficiency and longevity.


Our services

  • Conceptualisation
  • Supplying
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Assembling
  • Commissioning
  • Adjustments and Optimization
  • Renovation works


Our products

  • Organic conditioning & contaminant removal systems
  • Concrete structures
  • Anaerobic fermentation systems
  • Digestate treatment
  • Biomethane utilization platforms
  • Pipes, tanks and flares
  • Buildings

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