About the Association québécoise des industries de nutrition animale et céréalière (AQINAC)

AQINAC is a first-rate partner that works to promote and introduce better production, agri-environmental and social cohabitation practices within agricultural and agri-food businesses; it serves, among others, actors working in pork, poultry, dairy and grain production.

The association offers various services to its members, including a members’ directory, a buyers’ guide, a CME calculator, exclusive events for members, tutorial videos and much more.

As natural and recognized partners of the agriculture and agri-food industry, AQINAC and its members :

  • Constitute an important economic development lever;
  • Exercise strong leadership within the various sectors;
  • Are always focused on finding real solutions to real industry problems;
  • Make sure that the impacts of their interventions are no longer limited to just feed and plant issues, but rather to all sectors of the different value chains;
  • Have become the focal point for the various commodity chain issues;
  • Have the industry’s contribution known and recognized;
  • Are recognized as great partners for hosting networking and informational events.



AQINAC is a dynamic association with a clear business vision. It continually encourages its members to be entrepreneurial and innovative in order to always be the best in their field.

Through its events, AQINAC brings together all stakeholders in the industries it serves and treats everyone equally. AQINAC works for all member companies, regardless of their model or size. It represents each member company at its fair value.

AQINAC is constantly working to improve the quality and efficiency of its products and services, to better meet the needs of its members, and to contribute to the development of the industries. It promotes awareness and recognition of the role of its members in the evolution of Quebec agriculture.

AQINAC is recognized for the quality of its events, its services, and its interventions when needed; which gives it excellent credibility and expertise in the field.


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