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Anaero Technology was founded from our need for equipment capable of evaluating the biogas or inhibitory potential of feeds processed in full-scale AD plants. Anaero Technology has developed and patented equipment that is easy to use, robust, consistent, and capable of using the same inoculum, and feed, of full-scale plants. We aim to improve access to AD research and optimisation whilst driving research standards up. We offer :- Biomethane potential (BMP) for characterisation of feedstocks and some process evaluation, Automatically-fed research and evaluation digesters for full-AD process evaluation and modelling. Anaero Technology also carries out collaborative research with industry or academic institutions using the autofed digesters and BMP equipment at Anaero Tech, Cambridge laboratory.

State of the art autofed anaerobic digestion research reactors


  • First auto-fed digester systems producer
    Anaero Technology has developed and patented novel lab-scale anaerobic digestion research digesters capable of automatic feeding heterogeneous feedstock, as used in full-scale AD operation
  • Continuous scientific development and research
    Anaero Technology builds on over 21 years of AD and wastewater reseach experience. It has carried out multiple projects with Academia and Industry.
  • Commissioned research
    Anaero Technology has been and is currently involved in several collaborative and commissioned research projects.


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